iNvent: Apple Premium Reseller

Industry: Retail & Electronic Goods

An apple premium reseller with more than 10 stores around Delhi NCR is a retail store for all things APPLE. Services delivered are:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy- Sales Driven
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Promotional Campaigns and Ads
  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO
  • Email Campaigns

We want to create our brand into an omnichannel player so that our website earns as much revenue as a store (or more). We regularly monitor the traffic on the website and its quality to generate adequate results.

Results Delivered:

  • In February’20, Our website’s contribution to Revenue was minuscule (<0.5%), In August’20, Our website’s contribution to Revenue is approx 9%
  • Website Traffic has exponential growth. 
  • Organic Reach has grown consistently every day.
  • Engagement, Reach and Followers on Social Media are on rising.
  • We rank #1 for “Apple Store in Delhi”. Ranking above was a challenge but we are consistently maintaining it. 


Visit the website here:



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