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How To Choose The Right Website Developer?

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Shubhi Agarwal

Decoding Websites

A Guide to help you get the best website made.

In this fierce and vague Industry, You can develop a website from a couple to thousands to Lakhs, and most often – they will all look the same. Of course, there are a few things different, but how much extra are you willing to pay for those minor things?

These doubts are understandable, and therefore, The question shouldn’t be about the developer but the website your business needs. The question we should be asking is – What makes a Website – A good Website?

To answer this subjective question, The first #3 things on top of my mind are:

  1. Sharp Communication
  2. Great User Experience
  3. Technically Future Ready to adapt to changing Brand needs.

Although these are my top 3, just this isn’t enough.

For effective conversion, A website needs to be beautifully designed and technically equipped. Check out some more things to be kept in mind before getting your website made:

  • Follow the Fundamentals of Website Design – Visual Hierarchy of Content, Appropriate Color Contrast, Easy to Read Fonts, Design Symmetry, and most importantly- Consistency of User Experience, leading to predictable navigation, therefore, higher conversion to sale.
  • Clear and Straightforward Navigation – It’s best to use standard practices when it comes to site navigation: Use dropdowns with clear headings that appear on every page, make sure the search bar is easy to find (the top right-hand side of a page is a good rule of thumb to follow).
  • Mobile-first Website Approach – 54% of worldwide traffic comes from Mobile device, 42% from Desktop. You must have a responsive design, which means the website can detect the visitor’s screen size; whether it is a tablet, Desktop or smartphone, and will change the layout accordingly.
  • Fast and Light – Loading time is significant for user experience. As technology progresses, we get more impatient, and today, 47% of visitors expect a web page to load within two seconds. If a web page takes more time to load, visitors might get frustrated and leave the site. Speed should be given attention to when building a website.
  • Powerful CTA – Call to Action Button, i.e. CALL NOW, ENQUIRE, BUY, is the most important element of a Website Design, and it is imperative that they visually drive action. They should be of Contrasting Color, Look clickable, Easy to Locate, Understand, and keep user flow in mind.
  • Integrate with Social Media – Extend your marketing by redirecting your social media followers to your website and making your social platforms accessible to your target audience and customers via your website. A Cohesive Social Media Marketing will expand your reach and have a higher conversion to sale.
  • Integrate with Chatbot – 75% of the internet users prefer using messaging platforms. Chatbot helps improve customer experience and enhances user engagement by giving it a personal touch. It not only automates your repetitive tasks but also helps you know your customer, enhances lead generation and pushes out relevant information.
  • Privacy Policy is a MUST. It is a legally required document to disclose your practices on protecting the personal information of your website visitor. It is also a great way to show that you can be trusted and have procedures to handle their data with care.
  • A Sitemap is a roadmap to all the essential pages on your website. It helps the search engine (e.g. Google) reach out to each page of the website. (A very integral step in increasing website ranking on Google)
  • Give Extra emphasis to make it SEO Friendly. Most web developers do basic On-page SEO optimization. If an option, you should opt for this Add On; It will help with your website ranking in the long run.
  • Security from Hackers is Important. You must have an SSL Certificate integrated for added security and safety. Regular Security Checks and Backups will make sure your digital assets are safe and secured.

Last but not least – GOOD CONTENT

No war is ever won with a bad speech. Words are mighty, and enough attention needs to be given to Good Communication.

Quality content helps attract the right audience to your website, engage them and work towards getting the user to take action on your website. Creating valuable content also benefits your website’s search ranking.

Some SHOULD HAVE communication pieces are – FAQ, Customer Reviews/ Testimonials, About Us page with details on Team Members, Blog/ Case Study/ White Papers.

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To Conclude,

A good website is a balanced combination of Design, User navigation and Communication. You can get a website designed beautifully with great features, but – IT MUST GIVE YOU SALE.

Digital Marketing is a combination of a fantastic Website and the right Marketing Strategy to generate great business.

Thank you for reading till the end. I hope it helps you with an impactful website and remarkable conversions. Good Luck!

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