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How to get noticed on Instagram quickly with Marketing Strategy Tips ?

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Shubhi Agarwal

Instagram, a photo sharing platform is all about 1 perfect picture that says a million things.

How to get noticed on Instagram?

Be it promoting yourself as a brand or your business, Follow these simple tips and tricks for 100% success rate.

#1 and Fundamental step- Understand your Audience

How to get noticed on Instagram?

Customer psychology is a science in itself, to decode it you need to spend some time with them, an average of 5 mins daily checking Instagram feeds, watch what intrigues them, get in conversation, this will not only improve brand presence but also derive Engagement.

Once you know who they are, you can know what they want and develop strategies to appeal them. Also, always think about those who are likely to promote your product/ service ahead?

In short- Love your customers and they will love you back.

#2- Good quality photo – sharp, crisp & to the point.

Professional photography is no cake walk, Clarity of thought is more important than expensive equipment or extensive team.

How to get noticed on Instagram?

Our motive is to create great looking pictures which catch attention and are approachable at the same time. Personally, I have unfollowed many fashionista & bloggers when there’s only glitter.

Being REAL is very important. You can’t make it if you fake it !

Also, Creatively it’s very useful to go by your gut, some things just flow without any logic or algorithm. Just be Simple and Natural, It works for everyone.

Quick tip: Natural light does wonders to images, sometimes even better than any studio. Click a picture near an artificial light and click the same angle in front of window with natural light. You will be surprised with results.

Our motto is only to instigate and have followers do the talking. Don’t just go on and on about your brand. Add some value to your followers life by telling tips and tricks, diy’s, even a picture that brings a smile.

What’s in trend: GIF’s, Meme’s & Short videos. They provide an edge over pictures for being more communicative.

#3- Tags & Hashtags

YES, Hashtags really work; easiest way to find brands or have them find you. Getting into the “Top posts” for a particular Hashtag works wonders.

How to get noticed on Instagram?

With the new Instagram algorithm, you can create your brand hashtag and have other’s follow it. This feature will only become more important with fast changing Marketing practices. Getting a grip on it now will go a long way for you and your brand.

Don’t ever be afraid to tag people who can help promote your product. Comment on their posts and Interact with them. Repost is a very flattering and useful platforms for any brand. If you aren’t using it, start NOW.

Social Media is about putting all cards on the table, Being Real, Transparent, Engaging with followers, Getting feedbacks; all these things will go a long way and they are here to stay.

Lastly, Be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day. When you are positive & doing it all right, things will start flowing for you. If you are looking for some guidance along the way, feel free to get in touch with me.

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