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An Engineer by qualification, I am a Digital Marketing Expert with an experience of over 6 years.

My team comprises of Graphic Designers, Editors and Tech Experts for SEO & Website Development.

We have a sense for style, be it in graphics or representing you with futuristic approach along with working on trending topics. We use the latest tools and technology available for designing, marketing and promotions.

Most importantly – We simplify your Marketing endeavors.

Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Do you think your business has immense potential to sell online? Do you feel lost in this sea of Digital Marketing Tools and Agencies and can’t figure out how to navigate?If your answer to both of the above mentioned questions is YES, than you are at the right place. We provide Marketing Consulting and Strategy to make your brand #GoDigital and Earn Revenue Online.

Web Design​ & Development

With the advanced Marketing practices & strategies, Website Development is first & foundation step of the ladder. Every Brands needs a website is no longer to be told. It’s more difficult to figure out the kind of website you wish for than to actually get it made, we help you answer that - Simple to understand & Navigate Crisp in putting your point across Responsive across all devices (Desktop and Mobile) and SEO Optimised so that it can be easily Indexed Social Media Friendly which can involve User Interaction, In tune with what’s going on in the World.

Brand Communication

A Brand needs to reflect their mission simply and strongly and it is our job to take you a step further with catchy Marketing slogans and effective Brand Communication.With a team of Innovative thinkers, We brainstorm ideas, understand the user’s psychology and devise communication that can touch the cord cord and create a strong impact.

Social Media

Most efficient and affordable way of knowing your customers and creating a stronger brand presence. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube - Strategy Ads & Management
Be it a Cool Quotient or Brand Reputation, Social Media takes care of all. A very powerful but delicate tool to interact with Audience. It can make or Break a Brand and more often you have to be careful with it than casual about it. Regular Posts and updates combined with Awareness & Reach campaigns can take your Brand many steps ahead of your competition and always keep you on top of your customer’s mind.


The Higher your website shows up on Google, the more traffic, the better sales. We optimise your website so stay ahead of the competition and rank high on Google. On page SEO - Identifying & optimizing for keywords which are smartly embedded in Content. Off Page SEO - Link Building with various Websites, Channels & Accounts.With On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, we have delivered remarkable results. You can never go wrong with SEO !

Search & Display Advertising

Create Build awareness and drive revenue that targets exactly the right audience for your brand using AdWords & PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising. Wish to get to your potential customers quickly? Search & Display Campaigns are created & optimized to generate heavy traffic and more leads which in turn convert to sales. We can do: Search Based Ads to your business centric Keywords Display Ads in the apps/ areas your potential audience is interested in Shopping Ads which shows up when a customer is looking to buy Video Ads - Definitely the most popular Remarketing Ads to the audience who has already visited us.Weather you want to drive traffic to sell online or deal with issues of abandoned cart, we strategise your Promotion to deliver maximum Return.

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Increase Sales

We create focussed strategies and efficient advertisements that generate incremental sales and deliver growth.

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The ROI Experts

We Reverse Engineer your Sales Funnel and Optimize our Marketing Strategy to deliver the Best Return on your Investment and more.

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Best Practices

Goal Setting or Conversion Tracking, we consistently implement the latest tools and software for efficient results.

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A full fledged Digital Marketing plan looks like this:

  • Website Development – to have a significant brand presence with good quality embedded keywords and various call to action buttons.
  • Content is optimized as per SEO Leading practices.
  • Various Social Profiles are created and Accounts are linked (as per the industry), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & others
  • Various Blogs are created & curated and shared. Good content is worked on at regular intervals.Posts & Graphics for Social Profiles to gain a certain visibility & good audience.
  • Social promotions are an integral part of Social Media Marketing.
  • Google Analytics & Search Console are integrated for regular reporting & better ranking.
  • Off page SEO i.e Link building is done for better ranking & visibility.
  • Landing Pages are created for different links/ promotions.
  • Email Marketing & list of Subscribers for Newsletters/ Auto responders.
  • SMS Marketing for loyal customers.
  • It can be further Advanced by using PPC (Pay per Click) Campaigns & Online Display Advertising.

I would advise on going with basics and upgrading to advanced Marketing as per Product/Service needs.

For any advice/ customized package, Get In Touch with us!

We provide Performance Marketing Services for various online activities like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation and Marketing (Blogging & Article Writing), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, Website Design and Development and Brand Communication.

We also work as a Marketing Strategist and Consultant so that your brand gets what it deserves.

To formulate a marketing strategy, one must first understand the buyer’s profile – who is your customer, what do they like, their interest etc. Based on the buyer’s persona, you can identify the right platform or medium of communication.
Neither 2 businesses are alike nor should be their Marketing Strategy. It is derived by considering many variables, and that’s the beauty of it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a combination of different techniques that helps your Website get relevant traffic and improve google ranking so that your potential customer can find you easily.

We test your Website on criteria like UX, Mobile responsiveness, Website content, Technical errors, On-page changes, Backlink quality, Domain Authority, Competitor Analysis and overall website quality.

Once the strategy is made, Website is then optimised for higher reach, speed and effectiveness coupled with frequent monitoring and fortnightly reporting, which depicts the work done and growth in Website ranking.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of optimizing your website to improve its rank on Google on particular search terms. These activities drive organic and relevant traffic to your website, who are searching for products and services (Pull Marketing).
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) focuses on improving the presence of the brand on online platforms through advertisement such as Display Ads, Text Ads, Shopping Ads etc. These ads drive the relevant and potential audience to your website, who formerly were not aware of your brand.”

Performance Marketing is advertising with the objective of getting conversions, sales, qualified leads or more.

We create focussed strategies and efficient advertisements that generate incremental sales and deliver growth.

Like the term implies, Managing Reputation online that includes dealing with any negative comment/ feedback/ articles. Correct any mistakes done in the past etc.

Digital Marketing consists of various activities which can help different business types and needs. Different industries can benefit from other activities, e.g. A Consumer Product from shopping ads and a Service Industry from SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

More often than not, the best and most beneficial activities which every business must use are SEO, SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) or PPC, Social Media activities and Email marketing. These activities will help create an engaging online presence.

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